Norwich Artists

Jessie Whitehead Illustration

Jessie Whitehead, 24 years old, is an illustrator based in Norwich city. After living here fr three years Jessie has exhibited at several galleries including Moosey Art and St Margaret’s church. Jessie’s work explores the subjects of communication in sex and gender and the perceptions and interactions we as humans have in these subjects. Jessie uses a marriage of pointillism, freehand and digital manipulation. Jessie’s work forms much of the visual content used throughout the blog.

Jessie Whitehead’s ‘Sexless Spaces’

Porcelain Zine Collaboration


Sarah Creana Thornton 

A model- maker based in Norwich City. a graduate of Norwich University of the Arts whose work has been shown through out London. Sarah had procured various collaboration locally involving projects led by Aviva and several award winning coffee houses around the City. Sarah is inspired by the likes of Wes Anderson and manipulates her structures to represent the intricate designs viewed in such stop motion films.

Sarah Thornton: The Art of Model Making


Owen Bannister 

A surrealist illustrator known for his experimentation based on the likes of Dave McKean. Owen experimented with several different subject matters, working both free hand in two dimensional and three dimensional pieces. Dark and cantankerous subject matters made for an introspection of marvels that Owen’s hand was more than used to manipulating and provoking great response in his audience.

Owen Bannister: A Tribute








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