Location Building

Kick starting a new project after a creative dry spell can be quite difficult. I often find myself walking away from my desk or compiling a list of task that will keep me from sitting down to write, until late in the afternoon. By which point I am often contemplating winding down the day.

Or when I do eventually even manage to get a page out, I find myself disappointed with the work.

Since setting up a new studio though, I have focused my energy into arranging new ways that I can work, visual aids that may help me to keep on track with a story idea, or help me piece together smaller individual ideas into a larger more cohesive one.

reed flute cave california

A technique I will shortly be setting up is to construct an ideas web on my office wall. My plan is to get some string and set up a few nails and weave something that I can attach bull dog clips to, to hopefully use as an undergoing project area that will remain active each time I plan a new story.

The next strategy I am now trying to incorporate into my daily working, is instead of trying to approach a new story from a broad stab at an idea, I am starting smaller scale. Writing excerpts and inspiration for singular locations, or characters and using smaller details to gradually build into something bigger.

marble caves patagonia

I started today by playing with location settings. I like to work with quite ethereal places, locations that are not necessarily too realistic, if that makes any sense?

I like to use more natural settings, somewhere that keeps my options open as often I like to base some of my stories in fantastical worlds.

While these caves are very much real and based around the world, it is more the vivacity and imagery and colours used in the photos that I choose to work from, and from each one attempting to derive a description setting paragraph that I may come back to use in future work.

batu caves malaysia

Either way it actively has me writing, so whether I use them or not, it is helping to get me thinking and working and hopefully will inspire further ideas.


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