Must see films of 2017…the first 5 months

I have to admit I feel as though I have had my head under a rock for the first half of this year, there have been quite a few films that have come out recently and I have ventured little to the cinema to enjoy them.

I don’t know how they have managed to pass me by, I guess I can only blame what we always do; time simply moves just that bit too quick for me. Before I know it, it is gone and I am tuning into these films via my Amazon Prime Membership – that despite paying for monthly, still will ask me to also pay for any new (slightly popular) release.

So out of what I have seen so far, and still intend to see very soon: here are some of the best films that I think have come out so far and are well worth a watch; if like me you did not make it to the cinema.

If you did then kudos to you, perhaps you will be inclined to watch them again!

Get Out.

(This one I have seen, not to mention I did make it to the cinema in time, and not just any cinema but Cinema City in Norwich).

get out

For those who are not aware, Cinema City in Norwich is set in a beautiful grade 1 listed building down the road from the Arts University. To see a film here, is to experience it. Run by Picturehouse, Cinema City is a cultural and artistic venue featuring bar and restaurant in a high ceiling, beam glad building that is a beautiful and creative setting to behold. They do now feature all newly released films that Vue and Odeon may, but they select films considered a cut above the rest. And usually they are.

I do not wish to spoil the plot for anyone who has not seen this film yet, but it by far one of the best horrors I have seen in a long time. Prepared to feel emotionally drained by beautiful aesthetics, gut wrenching scenes and more than a few frights. Loaded with messages and perceptions regarding racism, this film is also an eye opening event that draws long held perceptions and discriminations into the limelight and gives them an under the scope scrutiny.

get out 2

It will leave you feeling very uncomfortable and with more than a few considerations for your own behaviour and that of the society around you.

“ The first two acts are fantastic, creating a palpable sense of growing unease and mounting dread, before the explosive finale brings the story to a satisfying conclusion – all the tension culminating in a brutal final confrontation that isn’t afraid to go dark; in the end this one of the absolute best horror films I’ve ever seen. ”Pjtaylor-96-138044

Hitting both poignant social issues; of class and race, while scoring high on the entertainment factor I can certainly say this film is one of the best I have seen in a long time and it left me with an unsettled feelings, hours after I arrived home.


The Handmaiden

(I have not yet seen this, nor have I read the book it has taken inspiration from Sarah Water’s Fingersmith – though I very much want to)

The trailer for this film, alone, is enough to rave about. I first saw the trailer when at the cinema to see Get Out (mentioned above). Since then I have played Vessel’s Red Sex on repeat.

the handmaiden poster.jpg

The intensity of the obsession, danger and hunger presented in this film promises to ignite desire and while doing so allowing the viewer explore their own craves and urges and in an instinctual and primal manner.

Ripe with corruption, secrecy, tension and passion; this film is ensured to set a fire under your seat and have you twitching the whole way through.

Anyone who I have come into contact with who has seen the film, has had only immensely positive feedback to give me. Watch the trailer below and see if it wets your appetite as much as it did mine.


Manchester by the Sea

(I am unsure of this one, not because I have heard anything bad, but it is a different tempo to the other two I mentioned so far)

I like the look of this film; admittedly while seeming bleak and depressing in setting, this is one of those films I feel will touch your heart and you will enjoy for entirely other reasons than just being excited.


I also am in love with the grim setting of the north and the dense heart warming sense of community and family that come in film and tv adaptations representing the northern spirit. A big fan of both Shameless and This is England, I find myself drawn to this film and intrigued to watch it.

I think it is well worth giving it some time, even if it may not be your exact cup of tea.



A moving landscape of African – American life, following the childhood of young boy and his view of the world as he travels through adolescence. A sensitive and eye opening film. A sexual journey of discovery and understanding, of tolerance and learning acceptance in our place in the world and within ourselves.


This is a film about establishing and finding an identity, dealing with issues of race, sexuality and gender.

A hard hitting film in many aspects, I read the interviews given by the actors following the premiere of the film and it was based off what they said, the issues and themes the film explored, that provoked my interest in this film.









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