The Gods are Smiling…so far

Binge watched all four episodes currently released of American Gods, now frustrated as I find myself waiting in heavy anticipation and excitement for the fifth episode.

american gods tv

Admittedly, it had taken me so long to sit down and watch the programme, as despite hearing good things, I was still a bit reserved about watching the TV adaptation seen as I am already a big fan of the book.

And as everyone knows, sometimes in translation from page to screen, some things can get lost and if you are a die hard fan of a novel, it can make you the harshest critic.

However I have to say so far I am impressed. The show is visually stunning at quite a few points, I am engaged with the characters and have enjoyed the way they have decided to set things out.


ag tv
What’s today? Then call me Mr Wednesday…


Emily Browning as per usual is a performance well worth watching, and I impressed by Ricky Whittle’s portrayal of what it quite an aloof and hard to pin personality.

Mad Sweeney so far has lived up the name, and he incites an enamour of excitement and mischief where he walks.


ag tv 2
Do not ever give away your lucky coin


The show is taking its time to pick its way through the story, but I am glad for this, as it is allowing them to capture detail and spin a chronological linear of events that is easy for the audience to follow. It has opened the show up so already Gaiman fans can enjoy, but also a myriad of newcomers who may not have read the book.


ag tv 3
The hammer that bleeds


I have enjoyed the quick shots between characters, where the audience has ben transported to elsewhere in the globe, to enjoy a short minute of another backstory. It is helping to build suspense and a keen interest in the obscure world Shadow Moon is only just beginning to discover. I like that we are entering too, through his slightly blinded eyes and learning with him.

american gods

For anyone, like me who may have been reluctant to watch the show, in fear of being disappointed, I urge you to give it a go. You may not fall in love with it as much as you did the book; but you will certainly still enjoy it and may be able to appreciate it even more, in a different way.

ag tv 5



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