Divination of Distraction

The media’s ability to lock us in past events, so that we stop questioning current and future issues.

By keeping our anger rife on past events, is this doing damage to the audience? Is it focusing our attention in the wrong area? Is their motivation behind using this technique?

I appreciate many are disappointed and feeling unrepresented by these decisions that occurred in Britain and America in the past seven months. While on the other hand, others feel as if they are finally observing some form of change.


The Great Distraction


The period of disappointment, desolation and disenchantment that has dominated our political climate in the past five years, perhaps longer, has led to a dispersed and confusing era, where nobody right now can tell what is happening.

 It seems that there is divided opinion and uncertainty as to where people may look for a clue as to how the next twelve months will unfold.

Meanwhile more and more iconic figures are stepping forward and using this as a time to speak to the people, using their influence as something for people to look to, hope to and fight for.

 Russell Brand in the past two years has earned a name for himself via his various YouTube channels and speeches, in particular the Trews. In which he speaks his mind, and expresses his opinions concerning political and social issues.

 Recently at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep was captured ushering some inspiring words, as she went to collect her trophy. Once again, she was attempting to address some of the fears being expressed by the American public considering Obama’s departure and Trump’s arrival.


 It feels light a period of bated breath, two nations waiting, to see what these events will bring us. Amidst the fear there is much anger, as people search for someone to blame. Whether that is on other voters, individual members of parliament or the political system.

But since the referendum result that confirmed the UK would leave the European Union, does it matter who was to blame? Is there any one singular person?

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions, perhaps now we should focus on what will this mean for us now? What comes next?


 Brexit plans seem to be continuing in their mysterious direction where many still hold questions as to when Brexit will be moving forward and exactly what shape this action is going to take. Theresa May has given more speeches and announcements recently that we will be leaving the single market, though plans are still in place to seek effective trade deals with Europe.

Though there is no certainty if this will be achievable, and even if a deal is negotiated what the cost may be. All that is known is it is still under discussion and that May has announced if the price is not desirable then nothing will be better than remaining in a bad deal.

It seems without much to go on as to what lies ahead, many are still scrabbling with the events that led up to and indeed transpired in the last half of 2017 and it is spurring criticism, scepticism and distrust to fire in all directions. The media is focusing on blaming as opposed to providing factual information people can rely upon to understand what is happening.

It is unavoidable to say the two events sparked many divided reactions, some feeling they are a triumph, while others are in disbelief. With not much answer as to yet how these issues will be rectified; barriers, judgement and obstacles remain, showing no answer as to how we can become a united nation where all members of society feel as though their interests are being represented by those they are looking to for answers.


Orwell’s 1984 depicts a world where control of information leads to the control of a society


It will be difficult for anybody to feel hopeful, or even begin to move forward or figure things out if we are keeping old news present. Everyone is entitled to their anger, to their frustrations and while it may be hard to understand somebody else’s choices when they directly oppose our own; there are no answers in tearing one another apart.

The important thing now is to learn from what has happened and with that knowledge to move forward so we can make improvements in whatever ways they need to be made. We need to take stock of the problems in our society and begin to change the systems that are no longer fulfilling our needs.

 However, looking back to hate upon things that cannot be changed will not help. We need to think, we need to observe and we need to evolve. The last seven months has woken us up, things are not good, and there is no better time than now to take a stand and discuss, open the channels to everyone in society and begin to explore what other options we have so we can stop making the same mistakes we have been making for a long time.

 Russell Brand’s speech encapsulates perfectly the time we are living through and what kind of thinking we need so that we can really move forward and start creating a better society for everyone.


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