Lying Low in the Botanical Underground

The Low Line laboratory is New York City’s very own secret garden; situated in the Lower East Side, it is the first step in the future of Botanics. The Low Line project aims to transform the face of our cities and introduce some much needed greenery to our concrete jungles.

lowline 1.jpg

The idea behind this is to offer inner city inhabitants a better quality of life. Solar panelling allows light to enter the space and encourages vegetation to thrive.

low line 2.jpg

The Low Line project was started by ex-google employee Barasch and NASA satellite engineer Ramsey. They raised 170k on Kickstarter and used the more to turn a downtown warehouse in New York City into this wondrous forest laboratory.


It is the first underground park of its kind. The idea is by harnessing innovative solar technology they can create a historic landmark in the underbelly of the lower east side. Offering this kind of scenery in this location, offers a beautiful and cultural sight for local residents and tourists to enjoy and learn from.

lowline 4 .jpg

This is a tribute to how our advance in technology can offer us amazing aesthetic and tranquil benefits that can offer aid to some of our most polluted areas.








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