Review: Neverwhere


Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

A fantasy adventure that explores the city of London but in an entirely new way. It is a city of the forgotten with many new paths we never knew existed, a different side from the city seen everyday.

About the author: 

Neil Gaiman is a fantastical whiz capable of dreaming the most realistic fantasy you can think possible. He creates entirely new worlds that are somehow more realistic than our own. He has received many literary awards and acclamation. Famous for working on many short story compendiums, books and graphic novels.

The Story: 

I read this book in record time. I have become a Gaiman enthusiast since becoming familiar with his work when I was first introduced by a fellow writer to his ‘Sandman’ graphic novels.

I have never before met with an author so capable of fusing fantasy with fact. His characters leap of the page in mystical yet completely relatable ways. Each persona he create is full of life, excitement and enticement.

‘Neverwhere’ is a ghost of a story that explores the concepts of hidden doors, opportunities and the unexpected meetings of life. Gaiman has taken our everyday ordinaries to new light, and this book made me remember some of the things about the world that we take for granted.

Working entirely from already existing locations he has taken great depth and knowledge of London and transformed it into an entirely and almost unrecognisable platform.

The main character Richard Mayhew is upsurges from his place in the world and cast anew by chances completely out of his own control and it about a man regaining his fascination in the unbelievable and it a good read for making us remember all the magic that we so easily shun. The other main character Door is adorable and lovable. She is tenacious, mysterious, but most of all a lost child vulnerable and alone. She plays the balance of innocence and danger very well.

This book managed to make a 12 hour journey on a Megabus fun!


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