Review: Night Watch Series

Included in the series:

The Night Watch, The Day Watch, The Twilight Watch, The Last Watch and The New Watch

The books:

Tell the story of a different race called ‘the others.’ Beings of magical power and the ability to enter an alternative reality referred to as the Twilight. The stories follow the adventure’s and career of magician Anton Gorodetsky and reveal to us a the battle bring the forces of the light and dark as personified by The Night Watch and Day Watch.

The author:

Sergei Lukyanenko is a Russian author currently residing in Moscow. A science fiction and fantasy author with canny ability to capture prevalent themes of politics, society and humanity in his novels. Has a past as a child psychiatrist, blogger and editor of a sci-fi magazine.

The review:

The Night Watch trilogy though on it’s surface may appear to dictate a modern young adult audience, burgeons with insight and descriptive depiction on the frailty of human nature. The books while spanning an evocative imagined reality, also have much subtler tones of context explored by creative and literary skill where each character and scenario personifies some very real existential and sociological issues. They capture magnificently a depiction of Russian history and within it show some of the hardships and depravities that have plagued the country.

From beginning to end I have found this series enthralling, I began reading The Night Watch at aged 14 and have now completed the series, finishing the last novel only two weeks ago age 21, and I have never found myself to have out-grown the stories. If anything my own experience and hindsight has only made me uncover more depths to the books than I have previously noted.

These books are made to be both enjoyed imaginatively and intellectually. Each character is a well of meaning and interaction that you find intriguing, scary and controversial. The best points of these books is that though the original plot seems to signify a simplification on human nature, the whole book actually relies on disproving this theory and blending all characters together to show the range of development, progression and understanding the whole array of human emotion and perspectives can consequence.

It is this more than anything that has been a platform of inspiration for my own work. As well of course and the beautifully written descriptions and explorations the author has achieved when exploring this whole new realm of the twilight and its never ending mystery and vagueness.


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