Review of Shaded Dreams and Hazy Days

Poetry Collection by Hamza Matar exploring the concept of psychosis and the lapse of judgement between fantasy and reality.

The poetry is a biography of the author’s personal experience of drug addiction and a battle with depression, his fling of emotional uproar and his breaks from reality; stirred by some real events that we can all empathize with.

The books explores in stages his life before hand, then the stages of his breakdown and finally his recovery but in a much more metaphorical and engaging literary skill that only really the forms of poetry can transcend.

The content is enjoyable and I find with the book it dispels some of the inaccessibility that poetry can have upon an audience. As the author is engaging with matters of the heart and of emotion is connectable to many a reader and opens the book up on a wider platform I do not always see is this genre of writing.

The poetry itself is masterfully crafted but again not too complex so you cannot appreciate the subject matter as the form is too complex. Some of the pieces are stronger than the other but as a collection it has been edited well to display the narrative to these pieces overall and so as you progress from beginning to end you are able to sense the journey you also embarked upon when reading.

This is an author I had not previously engaged with before purchasing the book online through Amazon, but he is an author I shall be on the look out for again in the future. I will also commend the powerful use of imagery on the front cover that makes the book first off impressive and enticing and works as a complement to the subject within.


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