Review: Vespertine Zine

Vespertine by Bloomurder Zines


Vespertine Adj.

  1. Relating to, occurring, or active in the evening

  2. Active, flowering, or flourishing in the evening.




A Collection of Poems, Photography and Imagery

Vespertine by Bloomurder Zines


An ethereal collection of creative work, very beautiful in the sounds and allusion in the language used. I find this zine to be calming and soothing. There is an element of mystery felt by the reader as they first move through the pieces.

All poems featured are complemented by appropriate aesthetics that only add to the experiences as they engage with the poetry.

vespertine 1.jpg

The poems are short and succinct and make for easy reading. The language chosen is made to weave rich tapestry of imagery in the reader’s mind. Carefully objects and simile have been used to give a realm of metaphorical depth to the prose, that is heavily stepped in emotional context.

The comparisons between semantics and compound words create a highly developed and well chiselled structure for poetry. The wording is very well technically composed, but also extremely creative and artistic.

The Ancient Sea is one of my favourites from this collection. The poem alludes to this sense of forgotten time, the magic of myth and legends and uses the tool of narrative to explore and present to the reader a relatable journey of discovery.

It elates them in the pleasures of love and ambition, to them taint them in the jealousy and hatred that can come hand in hand with the delights of emotions we as humans experience.

I always frivol in poetry that is entrenched in the humanity of its subject. A poem that can make large sweeping and bold statements but also focus in and highlight  the complexity of the reactions and experiences we as individuals, and as humans go through in our lifetime. It makes the poetry relatable, and personal.

When someone can apply the never-ending infinity to one person’s emotional state and the happenings of our mind; it harmonises the endless depths I believe there is to humanity and it demonstrates the depth of knowledge and wealth that there is to be found in all of us.

Very often we look to the outside and the bigger picture to stimulate and wow ourselves. We forget the darkest mysteries lie within ourselves.

Stimulating and powerful, these poems have been carefully chosen and arranged so that is a journey for the reader that picks this up. I believe the author is extremely talented and that for anyone seeking some new inspiration on the creative front, they should consider getting a copy of the zine.

Summer Myths, another featured is evocative of influences like Shakespeare and Blake. I see their work resonating through many of the other poems also featured. Both were always very good at packing levels of content and messages of riddles, and endless unanswered questions into very beautifully and simply written pieces. The talent in their work, as in the poetry in Vespertine, is that they were so subtle and clever in the way they did it.

Daphne the picture on the facing page of this poem by Sir Hubert Von Herkomer is a very a stoic and sobering image, that encapsulates the serenity, colour and form in the overall tone to this prose.

Well worth reading, it was an of the cuff purchase for me as I was trailing through some pieces on Etsy a year ago, and it is one of the best zines that I have purchased from there. Perfect for stirring some ideas, in what was a bit of a dry spell –  creative wise for me, at the time.


3 thoughts on “Review: Vespertine Zine

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I’m so glad you like Vespertine and I’m just flabbergasted that you’ve said such lovely things publicly about it. Thank you! I’d be happy to send you the next one – Celestial if you’d like to read it? Laura


    1. I am so bad with replying to comments so I apologise but I was so inspired by the content that it was amazing to get the chance to review and I would love to read Celestial! Lauren


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