Thirteenth Documentary Netflix 

Documentary added to Netflix in October 2016 that  well worth a watch if you have not seen it all ready. It is discussing all that has been done wrong in the history of American Politics and the Injustice of the Criminal System. Given all we still see today of how discrimination and prejudice is an active presence within the US Police Force, and recent actions and events in the UK here, they are right in saying that reflection is an issue we still have not addressed, because we are not ready to give admission, we are not ready to admit to the faults of our history, we are not ready to look at it close enough because we do not want to and so it continues.

Potent question: whose life do we consider valuable, after dehumanising so many?

Some  heart wrenching questions, statements and accounts brought to life, right in the limelight where we cannot avoid the responsibility as a  society knocking on our door. I sincerely hope that Donald Trump does not see a day as the American President, this documentary should be enough evidence to prove he is the person we should be shunning from society, he possesses no capabilities as a leader, or as an example of how we should live our lives and the morals we should encompass.

Please give it a watch, it is an amazing piece of filmography.


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