Neither Doll houses or Tree houses Review

zine purchasable on etsy that takes a look into what it is like to live outside of the gender binary.

The writer has put together a short story, split into three parts; each one signifying a section of the journey of exploring gender identity and tackling key issues dysphoria can bring; on both a personal and social level.

It is a relatable account of the struggles and fears experienced by one navigating the difficult world of gender dysphoria. It lays bare the pain and discomfort it causes every day, and on top of that shows what it is like to come up against so much judgement, hatred and ignorance in the world around them; from both strangers and sometimes close friends and family too.

This piece of writing is moving to bridge the neglect that has developed regarding the issue of gender identity, and is attempting to educate the audience and attempt to tackle the hatred and discrimination that exists surrounding this issue.

I found the story brilliant to read, it was human on every level possible, and the emotions and pain and strength in the words are a testament to the problems and lives being discussed in this zine. But most of all, this zine is real. It is not hiding away from these issues. It is throwing them out into the plain light of day where it should be. People are suffering and that must change and the way to do that is to aid society in its understanding of gender identity.

This is an issue that has been hidden away for too long but finally in the past couple of years campaigns are beginning to educate society, to inform them about this issue so they are met not with hatred, but instead with better understanding and compassion.

The issue is hopefully on a path to being taken more seriously so anyone with gender dysphoria will be able to receive the medical and emotional support that they need. At the moment these things are not easily accessible.

This zine is a beautiful bit of work and it has a lot of important things to say.  Well worth purchasing and also exploring on Etsy other zines written by the author.



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