I took my time, but 1st book is here


I have gathered together some of the best poems I have written from over three years worth of note pads and compiled my first anthology, that I have self-published and is now available for sale on Amazon Kindle.

An anthology of poems exploring our natures, our cores and the hidden chamber submerged in our unconscious. Where our repressed selves hold the reasons and points we spend our waking lives seeking to remember, but find and hold awareness of only in the sleeping hours. A doctorate of the determination of the human curiosity that binds us with an obsession to possess knowledge of all, so we do not have to admit to the insubordination of our limited awareness.

Loaded Since Birth is the first poetry collection of the Pen Mime series, I have begun work on my next one, would love it if you would give my writing a go and let me know what you think.




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