The Darkened Doors of the Night Wanderer

These are the frames decorating the walls when you tread through your mind in the early hours of the morning.

They are the places we forget we have been during the day, but when we feel a shiver in the base of our spine that runs to the very top, we are reminded that we know something is a foot  and that underneath it all we are scared.

Our fear intrigues us.

merelle 3.jpg

Fabian Merelle is a connoisseur of playing on morbid curiosity.

His exploration and presentation of the surreal, both intrigues and terrifies. His images are creepily beautiful and hauntingly dismembering.


The daintiness he achieves in his drawing comes from the mythical references he feeds upon for inspiration. They add a dream-like, fable tone to his work.

The drawings are showing an obsession for detail veering on mania and pointing out the precision of a line layed minutely with China ink. If he pays homage to the Little Nemo comics, he projects the spectator in a universe much more complex, mixing evil spirits, watches and childhood fears.                                          -Fabian Mérelle

merelle .png


The subject to his pieces and the concepts behind the lines are the complex construction of his work, his shapes and aesthetic are stunning in their simplicity, yet highlight provocatively the artist’s technical ability and creativity.



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