The Creative’s App Hub

Some of the best apps available on play store and google right now.

For those searching for the very best in virtual productivity to get in step for the new year. Here are some of the most popular apps being used by creatives to enhance their working process and make the most of their time and talent.



For the photographer

Light Room


Edit and manage photos, from beginning to end with the app. Light Room has come from Adobe and has been made in an image of Photoshop and allows you to portably access techniques previously only on your desktop or bulky laptops. The app is designed for android use, and contains a camera that can support DNG RAW files. There are a variety of post-processing tools to edit the photo with before finally being completed for online sharing or printing.

 No Adobe subscription is needed to use the app


For the writer

Moleskine Notes

 An app with an interactive notepad that allows your doodle and notes to automatically be saved in digital format as well. The smart writing set designed by Moleskin gives you a physical notepad to write on that captures in real time your scribblings and transfers them across to your phone or tablet. The perfect app to help keep track on the errant notes that go runaway into thin air when the paper is misplaced.



For the illustrator



Stepping up from business cards Moo has designed another strategy to make your creative business as streamline as possible. Their new app allows you to easily create a digital portfolio, with easy apps that allow you to add different files and mediums. The app can be used either on or offline, so if you are in an interview and the signal is a bit spotty it won’t matter. The app appears classical and clean in design with emphasis put on user interface to make this a brilliant alternative to customisable portfolios and help you access the tools needed to advance your career and professional appearance.



For the animator

Gravity Sketch

Available on Ipad

The app turns doodles into 3D printed models easily and without fuss, also making it easy for you to share the designs anywhere you may wish to online. Also for maximum efficiency the app will also allow you to easily send the model to a 3D printer, so you can get some quick sketches and design work done on the go and speedily without having to transport across several different devices.


For the traveller

Google Drive

Available of multiple platforms (free)

 Ok not necessarily the adventurous kind who is off the see the world, talking more about the tube and train commuters, the long walkers and the bus riders who are trying to capitalise on every bit of free time they have. If there is a free window, you are thinking work. What you need is the ability to work cross device. From the phone, to tablet, to laptop. The thing you need is Google Drive. Maximise your ability to share and download documents wherever you are so you lose track of nothing and can put pen to paper for any on-the-go ideas you may have that you do not want to forget.


Do you have any apps you can recommend? Post or comment below.




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