Art Review: The ref-o-rama

The boggling maze of references; characters and scenes in one movie poster designed by Josan Gonzalez and Laurie Greasley.

For any lover of science fiction this could be your trump card of trivia this Christmas; challenge anyone to beat you in dissecting their complicated and jam packed image.


laurie greasley and josan gonzalez.jpg
The Raid by Laurie Greasley and Josan Gonzalez


The collaboration was formed as a part of an Art Show being exhibited at the Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles. The show Sci-Scapes is featuring the work of many well-known artists.

It is a fusion for the love of this genre, re mastered into digital and artistic format to offer its audience new and intriguing perspectives on some of their favourites films and texts. The image itself is formed of eight individual segments, arranged together to form the whole of the original image. Posters are also available for sale of the scenery.

 The artists have dedicated ingenuity and detail into the complex choreography of the piece that entertains and interacts with its fans. A definitive conversation starter this is an impressive ensemble that will be enjoyed by many with a love for fan art, the 80’s and all thing sci-fi.

 Comment or post below if you can identify any of the many scenes depicted here.


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