The Free Range Chicken Metaphor

Late night frustrations

Having a discussion the other day with my partner, about Trump and the election. We had just watched some commentary from Russel Brands on Trews, and it led us to talking about the failures of the political system. We talked about how much people have been affected by it in current years. and how that has led to the inevitable outcomes we have seen happening in the UK and the US this year.


Unusual Inspirations

My partner was watching a program about the treatment of animals, in particular chickens. It was showing how the farms that practice free range rearing feed the animals. They were out in an open field and there was group of three people that was throwing the food to them all.

free rang.jpg

It led my partner to ask the question, how can you ensure all the chickens are getting the same amount of food? Or how can they ensure some are even getting food at all.

Now from a perspective of fair treatment to animals I am sure there are regulations in place that will cater to resolving that kind of issue.

But it is an interesting allegory for our political system.

We may all get chucked the right to vote, one vote for all no matter what. However how does our system ensure all are being heard? How does it cater to the voices and beliefs of everyone equally.

Admittedly I appreciate it is easy for me to point at flaws in our political system and democratic society, I do not know the answers to this question or how to resolve it.

But it seems relevant to the issues we are currently observing.

Surely the chickens as it is in this case, that are bigger, stronger (wealthier, more position to be heard) can fight the other ones off, and they will not see any of the food?


In the free for all there are those naturally with more power; whether that power is defined by money, position, fame, or natural physicality.

If this goes unregulated, or unobserved, how are we ensuring everyone is getting the food they need to survive?

What do you think? Is this all total nonsense from staying up too late? Or is there something here. Comment or post below.


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