The Media Chrysalis

How will the butterfly look when it emerges?

We are in the transition of big change in the media and how it functions. We are seeing the long predicted immersion from print to digital format in flux, but just how will it impact our interaction with this primary info source?

VR reality.jpg

Piero Scaruffi shared his view of this in the talk he gave regarding the up and coming media trends in a report he made for a forum hosted by Sina News in Beijing. This is the highlighted version.


Virtual Reality

With leaps in technology ever progressing, we will be looking at a change as to how we physically interact with the news. Gone will be the days of simply reading the information, instead we may actually be able to experience the events being reported. With new headsets changing the front of gaming, what do you think it is going to do for the face of the news?



A new kind of content

With the invention of social media came the ability for everyone to be a journalist of some kind. We have bloggers, we have commentators, even Facebook could be seen as some kind of news outlet: an advert for a particular person, a source of information about them.


With the invention of tweets that possess a specific character limit we are seeing news text become shorter and more concise, and in an ever growing platform of competition, news outlets are forever finding new ways to make their content more engaging and interactive.

We are moving away from text and experimenting with expanding what multi-media can define.


Maker’s culture

The millennial generation has been through two repressions. We live in an age of increasing unemployment, which means more competition. A degree does not automatically land you a job anymore. You have to be everything just to get a look in. Living communally and renting is about the only way we can ever move out.


From this environment has birthed a generation less industry or money driven than previous ones, because that kind of opportunity just is not there. We are moving away from corporations and into an age where everyone is an entrepreneur, we are more creative in our moneymaking strategies and it stems from a more personal viewpoint.

The media will need to respond to this change in dynamic and consider how they will alter their production to meet their new audience: the ones that will make it in their own way.

Robot Journalists

The news is made to report on many events happening all over the world. This is an impossible feat and so certain strategies exist to prioritise what kinds of news the audience and public will be most interested in, or by importance of what knowledge they need to be informed of.

robo jounral.jpg

Yet again with constant proliferation in the technologies available to us, are we heading towards a future where robots will process this news, using patterns and algorithms to work out what content is most popular? What content is most important?

Will they become the new workers on the office floor that can calculate what news is worth publishing for maximum profit?




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