The Materials of Hope

If a country does not recognise minority rights and human rights, including women’s rights, you will not have the kind of stability and prosperity that is possible.

Hilary Clinton

#Likeagirl. Do you remember this campaign? Do you remember the invigorating speeches of Emma Watson as she rallied the contemporary mind to see the inequalities of gender still plaguing our society? As she declared feminism not to be a matriarchal concept but one fighting for equality for all humans; of all genders.


Many are feeling like the revival of the feminist movement that came in to play across social media and advertising campaigns in the past three years, has fallen flat, or gone ignored; given the recent presidential campaign.

Many fear once again equality for many minorities; not just women’s rights, has gone on the back burner. They are concerned for their position in the future between two western nations that appear on the precipice of change; that not all believe will be positive.

Forcible Feeding Cover of The Suffragette

Some Liberals were left reeling following the election of Donald Trump and his triumph over Clinton, whose odds before election night had appeared promising of giving America its first woman president. For many they see the result as an obvious declaration of the misogyny and sexism alive and kicking in our culture.

In light of the dim skies darkening our horizon currently, here is  a list of some inspirational podcasts, artwork and texts, to reaffirm the belief the fight is not over, and though a chance may have been missed here, we will not give up and we will NOT ACCEPT INEQUALITY




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