The Artist Review: Shepard Fairey

Never Ever Realm is all about introducing you to amazing artists who have spectacular technical ability, inspirational creativity, important concepts and messages, and for those making statements in a variety of ways.

Such a person is Shepard Fairey.

Born in America in 1970, he has gone on to become an important political figure within the art work. His most famous works came from his 2008 ‘HOPE’ campaign where he designed posters during Barack Obama’s run for president.

Fairey is also a successful street artist, graphic designer, illustrator and activist.


Greetings From Iraq

‘Greetings from Iraq’ Print and Silkscreen designed in 2005.


‘Hope’ poster used as part of Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.


‘Power and Equality’ canvas put on exhibition in 2007.
tyrant-boot‘Tyrant Boot’ Silk screen printed released in 2008.



Picture 1-3 are a part of Fairey’s ‘OBEY’ campaign that was his attempt to provoke and stimulate people’s curiosity and get them to question the world they are living in. He wanted citizens to look around at their society’s and question what was really going on, and to see the problems lying all around us that so many of us today ignore or have forgotten.

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