The world of wonder with Joshua Bryant

Taking a peek into the world of Games artist and designer Joshua Bryant; whose enigmatic recreations of characters and games; revives our tired eyes and invites us back into a time of fun, laughter and brilliance.

Joshua Bryant Tumblr


Stranger Things Fan Art

He deconstructs the visual world by re-imaging it in the fun and beauty of old style magazine comic characters and by doing so is reminding us of the simplicity of imagery that in recent years we have forgotten.


Walking dead is back

Graduating with  bachelor’s in Games Art and Design, Josh invites us on a trip down memory lane to recall the history of gaming, and remind us of the hours wiled away on the classics.

‘Quentin and Podge’ designed by Joshua Bryant

In a games industry obsessed with achieving realism to give us experiences we don’t already have, Joshua is showing us how authenticity is not the only way for us to be shown something different.


The Office Cast: One of Josh’s favourite comedy shows

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