The risograph print. 

This technique is a cost effecive, vibrant and environmentally friendly way of printing high quality and high volumes. It was designed for photocopying and duplicating. 

The technique and the process of how risograph works sits somewhere between screen printing and off set lithography. 

The technique uses soy based inks and screens made up of banana paper and leaves a two tone residue adding a unique and experimental effect to any imagery.

With this technique you are able to print up to A3 size and irregular paper sizes may aso be used though it is recommended you test that first of all before any mass printing jobs. 

Any paper being used will need to be uncoated and under 250 gsm. Also colouring is limited, sepcific spot colours used so you should look into what is available and once again test anything you may be printing. Often you can research this with the specific printer you are using and they will inform you of what is available and will be able to talk through what would be best for the particular work you are looking to print. 

The use of risograph printing is on the rise, it is a popular choice for many looking to print books and images they wish to sell in bulk editions. 

The process of the print work by creating a thermagraphic master for each colour featured in the work. It then wraps this around a rotating drum. Ink is then pushed through tiny holes into the screen onto the paper, that is then fed flat through the machine and he drum rotates at high speed to remaster image onto paper. One colour is printed at a timee and the drums are switched for multi-coloured pieces. 

It creates an effective lens of presentation to complement images. 


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