Porcelain Zine Collaboration

Porcelain Zine Collaboration with Jessie Whitehead Illustration is complete.

A project designed to use digital manipulation and dot work to explore the narrative of a woman’s emotional journey and discovery and her interpretations of love and the many guises it may come over and the many ways in can indeed be misinterpreted, wrongly construed or abused….

Jessie Whitehead a graduate of Norwich Arts University, has used her intricate line drawings to collect a series of compact, claustrophobic detailed and stunning images, using some of her more elaborate pieces and transforming them to a 10 page short story.

The project started with a short story originally called Ragdoll that I wrote in the second year of university, it was one of my first attempts back into writing short stories and moving away from the longer works and poetry I have more experience in. It was also my first venture into the zine culture, after being inspired by many talents I saw at Norwich zine fairs.

It was also a first for me to write more visually aware and chance to learn from an artist a sequential organisation of my work and use it not only for reading purposes but to construct a more aesthetically engaging piece.

It is the first of many joint ventures between myself and Jessie Whitehead.







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