‘UNPRESCRIBED:’ A selection of NUA Artists at Moosey Art

‘UNPRESCRIBED’ Art Exhibition by Peter Hurn and Jamie Robert Smith aims to highlight some of the greatest local talent from around the Norwich area. The two have gathered twenty of Norwich University of the Art’s most skilled students and graduates from all kinds of backgrounds including Fine Art, Sculpture, Photography and Illustration. Their work has been chosen based on the personal skills of each artist, the strength of their work and unique styles.

Because of this there is no one theme to the show, allowing artists to fully explore their own nature of work and showcase themselves in their pieces. Each artist will display a number of images that will give the audience a piece of themselves and indicate the mediums of work they are most interested in.

Peter and Robert selected the artists based on their individual merits that singularly can all appear quite different from one another, but when put together are able to complement, contrast and enhance on another’s work.

For many of the featured artists this is only the second or third exhibition they will have had, following the high standard of quality teaching they received at Norwich University. Artists J.Cook and Glitch artist Ryan Vautier have already previously showcased at Moosey.

Others such as Illustrator Jessie Whitehead, Alex Unsworth, Jeme and  Tom Abbiss Smith are entirely new to the exhibition space and are warmly welcomed.

The show will run at Moosey Art, 22 Bridewell Alley, Norwich and will run from the 1st of October until the 10th. To join the event or for updates on what is happening in the show join the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/140627739619509/

Below are a selection of works from some of the artists who will be featured in the show:

12042043_1123431041002177_622494264_n 12064322_1123431031002178_1509381997_n 12062773_1123431741002107_1778652940_o 12037815_1123430954335519_1570751944_o 12049039_1123431624335452_160558696_n 12037607_1123431507668797_1134560648_o 12048883_1123431694335445_2126963139_n 11984520_1123431961002085_412444769_o


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